About the course

SkillsFuture is one of the initiatives by the Government of Singapore released in the year 2014 and aims at offering the best of lifelong learning and skill training opportunities to the workforce in the industry. It aims at basically keeping the workforce engaged with the latest technological advancement and ensuring that the industry adapts to the same easily. The skillsfuture courses singapore aims at all kinds of stakeholders, starting from the students to the employers and has hence divided its entire program into different levels.

The key objectives

The following are the key objectives of the SkillsFuture courses offered by the Singaporean Government: –

  • Keeping the trainees informed about the different career aspects and training in the industry
  • Transforming the educational system into the one that offers the industry as demanded by it
  • Maintaining the culture of lifelong learning and training for the different groups of workers in the industries
  • Easily adapting into the recent technology and ensuring the best growth of the companies
  • Keeping the healthiest of employee and employer relationship

skillsfuture courses

The takeaways

From the skillsfuture courses singapore, one can have a lot of takeaways like as follows: –

  • Getting the certificates of merit accredited from leading firms in the industry and hence landing up in the dream jobs easily
  • Becoming skilled in all aspects of the industry and hence maintain the growth of both the companies as well as individual inline
  • Become members of esteemed international organizations and foster the healthy culture of learning on a worldwide scale

Thus, these courses are very vital in Singapore, and one should get enrolled in these.

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